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Whether you're new to yoga, want to progress at your own pace, or are simply wanting a focused, personalized practice, taking classes at a studio may not be aligned with what you're seeking.

Private yoga is accessible and brings the yoga right to your home, meeting you exactly where you're at. 

Through practicing private yoga, you have the chance to experience greater body awarenesss, strength, and flexibility. You can feel more relaxed and rejuvenated in your body, and more mentally focused and centered so you can show up in your life with your best.

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Natalie Mazur, Yoga Instructor

Natalie Mazur Private Yoga Teacher offering private sessions in Carlsbad

Natalie received her 200-hour yoga teacher training in New York City in 2016 and has been practicing yoga for over eleven years. She first found yoga when attending university, discovering through practice a strong sense of clarity, calm, strength, and overall vibrant sense of well being, both on and off the yoga mat.

She started offering private yoga sessions soon after becoming a certified instructor, realizing the benefits that a more personalized practice is able to deliver to students. 


Natalie now specializes in working with people one-on-one through highly individualized weekly private yoga sessions. As a teacher, she strives to teach and communicate in a way that emphasizes inclusivity, curiosity, and joy; cultivating a space where students can explore yoga safely and with options to choose what feels best to them.

Within her teaching style of mindful strengthening, stretching, and mobilizing through creative movement, she encourages students to accept and listen to their bodies so the practice can optimally serve each student as they are.

Education & Training

 •200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in NYC with Sam Chase and Amy Matthews.

 •Injury Management and Prevention Course with Jason Crandell


"Natalie's teaching embodies the light and strength, joy and calm, power and peace of a multilayered practice. Her dedication permeates her teaching through thoughtful classes that are conscientiously designed, athletic and balanced. She empowers her students to make the best choices for their own experiences. I leave her classes with a great sense of ease and vibrancy."
                                                                          ~Elise S. 

Natalie offers private yoga sessions in the following areas:

(as well as virtually)





-San Marcos


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