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Private Yoga
Practice at your pace
in the comfort of your home.


Private session at home yoga, Private yoga instructor with private yoga client chatting on a yoga mat in her home, All private yoga sessions are personalized and made for what each client needs.

Private yoga brings a sustainable and transformative self-care practice right into your home.

Every weekly private yoga appointment integrates breath, deep rest, and mindful movement focused around stretching, strengthening, and mobilizing the body.

Sessions are tailored to you, so that you can go at your own pace and get the specific results you are looking for.

With a private yoga instructor, yoga is accessible, supportive, and effective. It gives you the space, care and attention to restore physically and mentally, so that with this practice, you can show up in your life feeling the way you want to feel.


"Natalie is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever worked with. She is super fun and approachable, listens to your concerns and offers great advice. She studied one of my transitions and figured out the problem right away. One small shift and the change was immediate! Her style is all about adaptation for her students."

~Dara S.

Natalie offers private yoga sessions in the following areas:






-San Marcos


-Solana Beach

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