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What To Expect Working With A Private Yoga Instructor

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Curious what it will be like to learn from me as your private yoga instructor ? Let's dive in !

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1. Hands-on Adjustments

When you have the full attention of the yoga instructor, they are able to deliver specific, intentional adjustments to enhance your practice. Adjustments can help to deepen postures, create better alignment, and highlight areas of the body to relax.

Sometimes even a simple touch can help illuminate awareness of the body.

For more on this topic, visit my article Why Do Yoga Teachers Adjust During Class?

2. Useful questions & conversations

There is the luxury of time, space, and undivided attention in a private yoga session.

The class adheres to the flow of you and your practice. If something interesting comes up during the session, ie. you unlock an area of the body that previously felt tight or dormant or you need a few more moments in a certain stretch, I adapt the session to give you whatever time you need to explore.

You might talk about what you're experiencing and receive questions that invite you to understand your experience more deeply.

All of this enhances the relationship between you and the instructor. In addition to being a personalized yoga session, private yoga creates a relationship. Before, after, and even during sessions, meaningful conversations come up, clients crack jokes, stories and laughter are shared. The sessions create an intentional space for connection and self-care to unfold.

3. Focused and attentive care

Yoga teachers are people who practice yoga themselves. Understanding and experiencing the power and benefits of yoga firsthand, they want to share this. My intention in working with you is to deliver this practice to you and help you feel better in your body.

Practicing yoga is a form of self-care; and in a private yoga session, you get the instructors' individualized care all to yourself.

You get the time and space to be taken care of as you practice. Yes, you could also practice yoga alone and that's powerful too. But working with a private teacher makes your committment to self-care easier. You make a committment to yourself through yoga and have an expert there to keep you accountable, someone who wants to help you feel your best.

You also have someone there who can see you, acknowledge you, and care for you. In regards to postural alignment, they can tell you if your knee is too far to the left, how to even out the hips, when to engage certain parts of the body, when to let the muscles relax, ways to make the shapes more comfortable in your body, etc. So that as you build upon your practice, your foundations are based in proper alignment and specific cues to guide you.

4. Deep relaxation

Put the phone away, let go of what was happening before your private yoga session, and allow yourself to be guided through over an hour of feel-good yoga.

You don't have to analyze or plan, the private session is a space for you just to explore movement and breath with ease. No matter if you're doing restorative yoga or a more of a flow, you can expect the opportunity to let all effort go and soften into a sense of calm and restfulness that will likely linger with you after the session.

Ready to start your practice?

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