Private Yoga Sessions

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Private yoga is a way of bringing a consistent yoga practice into your home, learning from an instructor with individualized attention and care.


Each session integrates attentive listening, supportive feedback, and a customized class approach based on the specific intentions of your practice and what you need.

All sessions are personalized and adapted so that the yoga meets you exactly as you are and serves you best. You do not need any prior experience, flexibility or strength to begin practicing private yoga. All postures and movements are explained so that the teachings are clear and accessible to you at your pace.

Designed with hundreds of hours of teaching experience, individualized attention, and a style and schedule that works for you, private classes can be a convenient and effective way to develop, deepen, or simply connect to a yoga practice.

How does this work?

First, send me an email or message me directly through this site. We'll have a phone consultation to see if we're the right fit working together.

Next, we'll coordinate a time to meet at your home for an introductory session. We'll have a chance to chat, explore what you're looking for in your yoga practice, and go through a basic yoga sequence.

From there, we'll create a plan to work together once or twice per week, with yoga sessions that are perfectly tailored to your body and your life.


Yoga works most effectively when practiced with consistency and committment. I offer private yoga sessions in packages of 10, 15 or 20. Between weekly or biweekly sessions, I am happy to assign practice homework and will also be available via text to answer yoga-related questions that might come up.

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"Natalie is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever worked with. She is super fun and approachable, listens to your concerns and offers great advice. She studied one of my transitions and figured out the problem right away. One small shift and the change was immediate! Her style is all about adaptation for her students."

~Dara S.

Virtual Private Yoga

Practice from home

~Chelsea M.

"Natalie exceeded my expectations by noticing close details about my alignment and providing helpful hints to perfect my poses. The fact that she can do this through a computer, I can only imagine her skill teaching face-to-face...She has a warm personality and knowledgeable approach to yoga regardless of your level!"

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What you will need for private yoga

Props provide support so that you are able to get the most from your practice

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