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How to Get the Most out of Private Yoga Sessions

Updated: Aug 13, 2023


It can be exciting to get started with any new goal. There is freshness to it, motivation to make some sort of change, and a sense of possibility and capability. But it also makes sense that at a certain point we'll meet challenges or roadblocks that get in our way or make us want to stop showing up. It can be something as simple as, "I'm tired today." These moments, while certainly valid, can slow the momentum of incorporating a new habit.

Of course, it's important honor how you feel and to rest as you need, but also get curious about if something feels more like an excuse holding you back.

Something that can help you be consistent is remembering WHY you're practicing, envisioning yourself having achieved your goal and imagining how that feels. Perhaps remember a previous goal you've already acomplished, what that took, and how it felt. Remembering that you're capable of reaching goals.

I've recently been practicing cold plunging in the ocean and each time feels like a small achievement. But recently I was really resisting getting into the water and could have EASILY just gone home. I remembered a time much colder (back in the winter) when I cold plunged and then realized I could totally do it this time too.

In terms of yoga specifically, show up even if your session that day needs to be super chill. It might just look like some gentle stretching, restorative poses, and rest. Even if it isn't exactly what you aimed to do, it can still make a difference, showing up in an intentional, purposeful space to self-care.

Notice, accept, and honor that the practice will be different day to day, and something that worked for you one day may not always work everyday. Still show up and work with where you're at.


Tell your private instructor if something is uncomfortable, if somethings feels good, if you need something different, etc. In a private yoga session, we have the luxury of stopping to chat, making the session whatever it needs to be that day.

Maybe you want to stop and explain something that's going on for you or feel like you need to make an adjustment to a posture but don't know how. Your instructor is there to help you as best they can, so let them know! :)

Tell them your goals, what you like, and what you don't like so that the sessions continue to refine and be more and more aligned with what you need and are looking for.


No matter who you are, how old you are, or what level of yoga you're at, props are SO SO useful. Definitely have the basics- a yoga mat and blocks, but additional helpful props are: a bolster, a blanket (or two), and a strap.

We've all got different limits, different strengths, different bodies. Props help bring the yoga practice to meet you as you are so you don't have to strain to achieve any posture.

This also includes having clothing you are comfortable moving in so that that doesn't become a distraction or annoyance while you're trying to do yoga.

This way, you're setting yourself up for success!

Enjoy your practice!

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