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Private Yoga Sessions

This ongoing practice provides you with the opportunity to devote intentional time to care for you.

You'll be able to unplug from everything else and just focus on exploring movement in a way that feels good to you.

Private yoga sessions are mindfully designed from years of teaching experience, and a customized approach based on what you want to get from your practice.

What to expect in a private yoga session:

•Clear and accessible teachings 

•Helpful hands-on adjustments

•Deep rest and relaxation

•Supportive alignment cues

•Being cared for, listened to, and supported.

•Useful questions and meaningful conversations

Practicing consistently with a private yoga instructor, you can achieve:

•Greater body awareness and coordination

•Relief from achiness

•Increased flexibility, strength, and mobility

•Feeling clear, focused, and grounded

•Improved balance

•A greater sense of well-being and ease

•The ability to be more present in your life

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how does this work?

First, send me an email or message me directly through this site. We'll have a phone consultation to see if we're the right fit working together.

Next, we'll coordinate a time to meet at your home for an introductory session. We'll have a chance to chat, explore what you're looking for in your yoga practice, and go through a basic yoga sequence.

From there, we'll create a plan to work together once or twice per week, with yoga sessions that are perfectly tailored to your body and your life.


Yoga works most effectively when practiced with consistency and committment. I offer private yoga sessions in packages of 5, 10, 15 or 20.

For more information, check out the FAQ page.

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what you will need

These are the props I recommend you have so you're able to get the most from your practice

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