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encouraging & responsive

"Every time I meet with Natalie for yoga practice, I leave feeling better than when I began. I am seeing progress with yoga, my ability to tune in to myself and my body, more awareness in and outside the sessions and overall better ability to notice and actually breathe in and out (which is huge for me!). I feel that yoga and working with Natalie has had a big shift in my life patterns, through continuing to learn self-acceptance, and connecting to other parts of my life I wasn’t even intending to tap into. I believe a large part of what works for me is that Natalie allows for me to have the space to grow and she believes in me, is encouraging and responsive. She is a very well seasoned yoga instructor and I am so grateful to have met her. Doing individual sessions has made the difference as well, because it has given me that space in new ways."

~Julie L.

welcomed & comfortable

"Natalie is absolutely wonderful. She knows how to make people feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable in their practice. I really have learned a lot through her guidance."

~Naomi T. 

intuitive & heartfelt

"Natalie is an incredibly intuitive, heartfelt and sensitive yoga teacher who is really able to tune in and listen to her clients during her sessions...I often come across teachers who rush through their classes and don’t pay too much attention to the bodies and breath of their practitioners. Natalie is NOT one of those teachers! I was touched by her gracefulness, skill and ability to really hone in to what my body needed, and afterwards I felt much more relaxed, open and energized."


~Chris S.

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focused & patient

"I have been wanting to try yoga again and I was hoping to find a teacher that would not only teach me but would be patient with me as well. Natalie's lesson was all the above and more. She showed me how to do different yoga techniques and explained what they were. Natalie would ask me during each technique if I was ok and not putting to much stress on my body as it was only my second time doing yoga. Despite quite a few distractions around us she kept me focused."


~Mark L.

Yoga teacher, private yoga teacher, yoga practice, calm, centered, ease

a powerful learning experience 

"My wife and I have private sessions with Natalie, and it has been an amazing and powerful experience. Natalie is truly dedicated to her work. She is very knowledgeable, and she plans each session with individual attention to our needs. She makes each session a learning experience. We have made progress at every session, and we always look forward to the next session with her. "

~John E.

approachable & calming

"[Natalie] makes yoga approachable to students at all levels. Her teaching connects me to my own inner teacher, to listen to my intuition and be honest with where my body and mind are at that day. Her calming and warm presence is matched with her deep yogi knowledge."

~Celina S.

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