supportive & adaptable

"Natalie is...so welcoming, positive and encouraging, listens, open and supportive, and instantly I feel calmer and more able to get into the practice by spending time working with her. I feel better as a result of the time with her, in a holistic way. I love how Natalie is adaptable to meet people where they are, and her techniques have helped me to feel like I’m finally gaining more insight on poses, movements, and breathing. You can tell she loves yoga and loves people and this is what I like to see in a teacher because it helps me become more open and excited about the practice as well. So thankful for finding Natalie!"

Julie L., Licensed Professional Counselor

intuitive & heartfelt

"Natalie is an incredibly intuitive, heartfelt and sensitive yoga teacher who is really able to tune in and listen to her clients during her sessions. As a yoga teacher myself, I often come across teachers who rush through their classes and don’t pay too much attention to the bodies and breath of their practitioners. Natalie is NOT one of those teachers! I was touched by her gracefulness, skill and ability to really hone in to what my body needed, and afterwards I felt much more relaxed, open and energized. I would definitely go back to her and highly recommend her for any beginning or advanced yogi- if you are wanting to be more in touch with your body, your breath, and yourself!"

Chris S. 

insightful & communicative

"Natalie came to my home to do a private yoga session and it was a wonderful experience! She listened closely to what I wanted to accomplish and provided insightful adjustments that helped me open up more in the poses. During the session, she was communicative and gave great verbal and visual prompts." 

~Kelsey R., Speech Pathologist