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3 Things I Learned Practicing With A Private Yoga Instructor

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Private yoga instructor

It's ironic I've been teaching yoga for over five years and only recently received my own private yoga session. I've become well-practiced in holding the space for others but had never been on the other side - the student getting the session. It was a luxurious and comforting experience and also supported me in becoming a better private yoga instructor.

I'm thinking it's not gonna be the last time.

Here are my takeaways.


  1. It feels good to intentionally devote time to self-care

There have been many times where I plan to go to yoga but at the last minute, bail, coming up with some reason not to practice. As I was walking over to my private yoga session, I felt that I was following through with something important and showing up at a specified time for a specified reason, to self-care, learn, and connect.

It feels good to have made an intention or a plan and then keep yourself accountable.

There is a sense of responsibility and satisfaction with following through and that's easier to do when you've made that committment with someone else.

Most of my clients are couples and I can only imagine that accountability is two-fold since it's also a shared experience with their partner; the committment is not just with me but with two people.

2. It felt easy to be really present when working one-on-one.

In a similar way to how you focus when talking to someone one-on-one, private yoga is also a sort of conversation. It's a space for listening, expressing yourself, and both people's attention is more or less undivided for a certain period of time.

Sure, it's more one-sided because only one person is teaching, but the student's communication is just as important, whether it's their facial expressions, a change in the quality of their breath, or a very clear "woah, that feels tight", it gives the instructor feedback that helps them continue to adapt the session most effectively.

With someone exclusively focused on me, it made me feel attentive to myself. It made it easier to fully pour my awareness into exactly what I was doing.

3. Touch is so nurturing and important.

Maybe this one seems obvious; it's something I know objectively but when experienced, it really brings this realization to life. In my private yoga session, I received many hands-on adjustments. They were often simple touches that supported me gently as I moved.

The addition of hands on adjustments enhanced the entire practice and made me feel cared for and nurtured. As a result, it revived my inspiration to provide more hands-on adjustments to my clients, remembering that even something as simple as a palm on a back can feel really lovely.

The hands on assists were done to deepen the postures, bring awareness to my body, and provide gentle stretches; And it felt grounding and calming to receive care through this medium.

Ready to practice?

private yoga teacher

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